Movember Madness

Grow a beard for men's health

Photo by Think Stock

Have you heard about Movember? This month thousands of men around the country are growing a ‘mo (that’s short for moustache) to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer programs. You can catch these “Mo Bros” all over town. Even Austin at Woody’s has started cultivating quite the facial hair.

And this year at the Mazzoni Center, Medical Director Dr. Robert Winn has signed on as an official spokesperson for the Movember movement. “It’s certainly a cause that I feel strongly about,” says Winn. “And as a health care provider, I have the opportunity to raise awareness and start conversations with people about these important issues every day.”

Anyone interested in joining these guys can register here.

Just last year, more than 854,000 Mo Bros got on board, raising $126.3 million, not to mention some important attention for early detection and screenings.

So put down the razor, fellas, and get in touch with your inner bear.