You Will Lose Your Smartphone in Philadelphia

Philadelphia tops the list of cities where your smartphone is most likely to go missing—whether through theft or simple misplacement or your child being devious. According to, which compiled the original report, the top 3 places in Philadelphia to lose a smartphone are the automotive shop, pizza place, and church. Which, yes, sounds like sampling of the richness that is Philly. While the Huffington Post sees this as a reason to make lots of Will Smith jokes (apparently making Rocky references didn’t feel stale enough) this news is an excellent opportunity to let you know that a lost iPhone doesn’t have to stay lost. Just download the Find My iPhone app: It will help you track your missing phone if you can’t find it (and sometimes, it’s just gone hiding in the folds of the couch) and it can also help you protect your data by locking down the phone. Other popular phones, like the Samsung Galaxy series, have similar software to prevent phone loss. Make use of it! [Huffington Post]