The Turnpike Might Be Buried Under a Mountain of Debt or It Might Be Just Fine

At a joint hearing of the state House and Senate transportation committees on Tuesday, state auditor general Jack Wagner warned that the sky was falling on the Pennsylvania Turpike, which would soon face $7 billion worth of long term debt. But, Wagner was just the hearing’s opening act, as commission CEO Roger Nutt and other turnpike officials were all, “nuh uh.” Though, PennDOT secretary Barry Schoch did explain that part of that “nuh uh” response means increasing tolls every year from now until the end of time. Confused yet? You’re not the only one.

State representative Michael McGeehan (D-Phila.), ranking Democrat on the House Transportation Committee, says he doesn’t know what to think.

“My head is spinning — is there a crisis or isn’t there a crisis?”

Lawmakers say they’ll have to have another hearing to figure out just what the real financial picture of the turnpike looks like. [CBS 3]