VIDEO: Romney Says Majority of Obama Voters Are “Dependent on the Government”

Plus: A replacement ref said he needed McCoy for fantasy football, Msgr. Lynn's lawyers say priest's guilty plea was bogus, Phils gain half a game in the wild card, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Romney Slams Obama Voters. In a video that has recently hit the Internet, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can be heard telling a group of about 30 donors that a majority of the people that support Barrack Obama do so because they’re dependent on the government. And that, apparently, is just the beginning because there are reportedly more similar tapes from the same fundraiser. [Huffington Post]

Lynn’s Lawyers Say Priest Lied. The attorneys representing Monsignor William Lynn say that the guilty plea entered by Edward Avery—the Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing a young boy—was a lie meant to earn Avery a lighter sentence. Lynn’s lawyers say that they learned about a statement and polygraph test indicating that Avery didn’t even know the victim, let alone abuse him. [Inquirer]

McCoy Says Ref Talked Fantasy Football. LeSean McCoy was on 94WIP on Monday and said that one of the replacement refs working the Birds/Ravens game on Sunday told him that he, “needed him for fantasy [football].” [CBS 3]

Eight New Civil Suits Against the Archdiocese. On Tuesday, eight lawsuits will be filed on behalf of nine plaintiffs accusing the Archdiocese of Philadelphia of covering up their abuse. Archbishop Chaput, Cardinal Justin Rigali, and the accused priests are reportedly named in the suits. [Newsworks]

Phils Win. Cliff Lee was dealing on Monday as he struck out 10 and the Phils managed to best the Mets and earn half a game in the wild card standings. [Philllies]

Teen Flees Accident, Leaves Brother. A 15-year-old girl allegedly took her parents car for a joy ride and got into a minor accident in Frankford. After getting in the accident, the girl supposedly fled the scene, but left her 9-year-old brother in the car. The boy was returned to his parents and his sister was issued a ticket. [CBS 3]

Mother, Child Die in Chesco Fire. A 31-year-old woman and her 7-year-old son reportedly died in a Coatesville rowhome fire early Tuesday morning. The cause of the blaze is under investigation. []