City Council Uses Veto Override to Flex Muscles at Mayor Nutter

City Council voted on Thursday to override Mayor Nutter’s veto of a bill that would allow for an expansion of Finnigan’s Wake in NoLibs. The bill will let owner and Democratic committeeman Mike Driscoll to add balconies that hang over the sidewalk on Spring Garden Street. Councilman Mark Squilla, the bill’s sponsor, says that the decision to override was based on the principle that the isn’t one that Mayor Nutter should decide.

This is more or less procedural. It has nothing to do with the subject matter.” The day Council received notice of Nutter’s veto Squilla said, “As a district Council person you usually feel that your dealings within the community and your business within the district are sort of in a way are up to the Council person and not the Mayor as a whole. [Daily News]