NBC Passes on 9/11 Moment of Silence, Opts to Continue Kardashian Interview

On Tuesday morning, President Obama spoke at the Pentagon to honor the heroes and victims of the attacks of 9/11. The NYPD, FDNY, Port Authority Police and victims’ families gathered in New York City while the President and First Lady led a moment of silence to mark the moment that the first plane hit the World Trade Center. The cable networks aired the moment of silence. CBS aired it. ABC aired it. NBC… didn’t interrupt an interview with Kris Jenner, who was busy talking about her boob-job and the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

After the moment of silence ended, ABC went right to an interview with actor Richard Gere, while CBS went straight into a commercial break.

Here in New York, NBC did show the moment of silence, as WNBC broke into “Today” to carry locally-produced special coverage. [mediabistro]