Obama, Biden Speeches at DNC Might’ve Bent the Truth a Little

Sure, Joe Biden talked a long time. Yes, Barack Obama’s speech lacked the inspirational elements that we’ve come to expect. But how truthful were their speeches Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention? Not completely truthful, it seems: FactCheck.org says the speeches contained “some facts being spun”—which sounds par for the course when you remember that it characterized last week’s Paul Ryan speech as containing “false claims and misleading statements,” and Mitt Romney’s Republican convention talk as containing “exaggeration and puffery.”  FactCheck says Obama claims too much credit for deficit-reduction efforts, and that he overstated things when saying U.S. carmakers are “back on top of the world.” (GM comes in only at No. 2.) And while Biden says Romney’s plans would raise middle-class taxes by $2,000, Romney promises to lower middle-class rates. As for Biden’s reminiscing about the summer of 1987: That wasn’t true at all. [FactCheck.org]