Mitt Romney Licks His Chops Over August Jobs Report

There’s not much good news for President Obama in today’s report on America’s jobs situation—incumbent presidents don’t usually fare well when the economy is suffering. On the upside? The country added 96,000 jobs in August. The downside? That’s fewer than expected. The upside? Somehow, the unemployment rate declined to 8.1 percent. The downside? That decline came about because lots and lots of Americans have simply given up on finding a job—and since they’re no longer seeing work, are no longer counted as being part of the workforce. That brings a sour end to a convention week in which Democrats made the case that they’re best suited to be in charge of the economy over the next four years. GOP challenger Mitt Romney immediately jumped on the news: “If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover,” he said. Romney then returned to his mirror, where he raised his right hand and practiced taking the presidential oath. [Associated Press]