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Economy Troubles

City Life

You Wanna Make America Great Again? Save the Bank Tellers, Not the Coal Miners

A couple of decades ago, my sister confided to me that she tried to buy only clothes and household goods that are made in America. […]

Atlantic City beach and boardwalk at twilight
City Life

Atlantic City May Stop Paying Employees After April 8th

UPDATE, 5:30 p.m.: Atlantic City mayor Don Guardian announced City Hall is shutting down on April 8th at 4:30 p.m. It will remain closed until […]


If Philly Swallowed the Suburbs, Would It Boost the Regional Economy?

The Philadelphia region is fifth-most fragmented big metropolitan area in the country, according to a new study by political scientists at University of Illinois at Chicago. In other words, […]

City Life

Why Philly’s Millennials Aren’t Buying Houses

I love Philly, but I’m not going to buy a house here — at least, not anytime soon. Neither, it seems, are thousands of millennials […]

City Life

5 Charts That Show Just How Screwed Atlantic City Is

On Tuesday, Atlantic City’s Chris Christie-appointed emergency management team released its first report. The results were grim. “The acute financial distress facing the City is […]

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Study: In Pennsylvania, Very Rich Getting Richer, Everybody Else Getting Poorer

Updated with comment from the governor’s office. In Pennsylvania, it really is true that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. […]

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Atlantic City Region Lost Nearly 10,000 Jobs in Last Year

Earlier this week, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released its latest labor force numbers, and the news for Atlantic City isn’t […]

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What Happened to 93,000 Pennsylvania Workers?

PA unemployment rate declines to 5.7% in September http://t.co/cyR5T9D3UJ — Governor Tom Corbett (@GovernorCorbett) October 20, 2014 Let us first acknowledge the good news: There […]

City Life

Philly Unemployment Declines

Via Philadelphia Business Journal: “Philadelphia’s unemployment rate declined once again. The rate fell to 8 percent in March 2014 from 8.3 percent in February, according […]

City Life

More Pennsylvanians Working Than A Year Ago

First the good news from today’s state unemployment report: More Pennsylvanians are working than a year ago —61,000 more, in fact. That’s helped lower the […]

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Report: Philly’s Recovery From Recession is Lagging

The Brookings Institution reports that Philly’s recovery from the recession is lagging behind most of the Top 100 metro areas in the country. In its […]

City Life

Welcome to Pennsylvania. Would You Like Fries With That?

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Yes, Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has dropped again. No, it’s not as great as it seems at first blush. […]

PGW sign
City Life

The One Question That Really Matters About the Proposed PGW Sale

Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposal to sell the city-owned Philadelphia Gas Works to a Connecticut utility holding company for nearly $1.9 billion goes before a skeptical […]

City Life

PA Unemployment Drops, Job Growth Still Weak

Here’s the good news: Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate has dipped to 6.4 percent —the lowest rate since November 2008. Here’s the less good news: That number […]

City Life

Good Riddance, Radio Shack

On Tuesday, Radio Shack announced that it would be closing 1,100 of its stores — nearly 20 percent of the company’s locations. During the last […]