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Economy Troubles

Heroin injection

Meet Krokodil, the Dangerous New Drug Narcotics Officers Really Hope Doesn’t Make it to Philadelphia

These days, it’ll cost you anywhere from $10 to $50 to get high off of Oxycontin, depending on the size of the pill and the […]

Jobs on a puzzle piece
City Life

Have Americans Become Too Comfortable Receiving Government Assistance?

The great fish moved silently through the water, and into immortality. Without question, Jaws was a classic, filled with memorable lines. But the one that […]

City Life

Liberals: Wrong on Community Service Mandate for Long-Term Jobless

  The day before Congress sent tens of thousands of U.S. government workers into a state of involuntary joblessness, conservatives in the United Kingdom unveiled […]

Septa regional rail train
City Life

The Truth About SEPTA’s Doomsday Scenario

Three weeks ago, SEPTA General Manager Joseph Casey went to Harrisburg and laid out what’s become known as the “doomsday scenario” before the state Senate […]

City Life

Philadelphia’s Economy Is Growing Exactly as Slowly as You Think It Is

A chart from The Atlantic: Philadelphia Business Journal puts it in perspective: Between 2009 and 2012, Philadelphia’s GDP grew by 9.4 percent, ranking 9th out […]

City Life

Can the Port of Philadelphia Remain Relevant?

Port officials in cities up and down the East Coast are scrambling to grab a piece of what’s projected to be a surge in maritime […]

City Life

Poverty Up in Pennsylvania, Down in Philadelphia

First, the kind of bad news: “The Census Bureau reported Tuesday that almost 1.8 million people in Pennsylvania, or 13.9 percent, were living in poverty […]

City Life

Economist: The Rich Stay Rich, the Middle Class Get Thriftier

Silly me. My career went into a ditch at the start of the Great Recession when I traded a good job and a comfortable income […]

City Life

Al Sharpton Says Tom Corbett Has Money for Jails, But Not Schools

Reverend Al Sharpton threw his hat into the Philly schools’ budget crisis ring over the weekend, saying that Gov. Corbett is willing to supply cash […]

City Life

Up to 8 in 10 Welfare Applicants Denied Assistance in Pennsylvania

As we begin to climb out of the Great Recession, rules for getting on cash welfare are getting tighter, and more people are getting denied. […]

City Life

Schoolmageddon ’13: Masterman and Central Lose Their Libraries

The brunt of Philadelphia’s schools crisis–think shuttered schools in low-income neighborhoods–has fallen on the less celebrated of Philadelphia’s traditional public schools. But the ongoing funding […]

City Life

Miss America Can’t Save Atlantic City

Wrapped in brown construction paper in my office are two Miss America composites that I bought last year from an antique store in Cape May. […]

City Life

Delco Teen Donates 500 Backpacks, School Supplies to Philly Students

Let it be known that there is good in Delaware County, no matter what anybody else says. Just ask Jillian Hughes, 15, a Radnor High […]

City Life

Holiday Weekends Create Trash Dilemma for Philly Renters

I’m just one person, living solo in Germantown on one floor of a three-story rowhouse. And since I live in a house with only three […]

City Life

Schoolmageddon ’13: Where Have All the Crossing Guards Gone?

With Philly’s students back in school as of yesterday, we all expected staff, material and program shortages thanks to the massive budget deficit the Philadelphia […]