Jerry Sandusky Is in Jail With Many People Who Also Say They’re Innocent

Plus: Mayor Nutter's big night is tonight, where have all Philly's flash mobs gone?, police rescue SW Philly man held captive since April, and more of what the city is talking about this morning.

Let’s Catch Up With Convicted Pedophile Jerry Sandusky. Sandusky attorney Joe Amendola says his client, who will likely be sentenced next month, now wishes he would have taken the stand to dispute the allegations of the boys whom he was found guilty of sexually abusing. Amendola says Sandusky has been getting visits in jail from his wife and some former players (who Amendola won’t name).

Sandusky remains in an isolated unit with 10 or 15 other inmates at the Centre County jail. Most fellow inmates have been “very nice to him,” Amendola said, but one engaged in what the lawyer described as “mouthing off to him one night.”

“Jerry says they’re very sympathetic,” Amendola said. “As a matter of fact, a number of them have said they’re innocent, too.”

[6 ABC]

Somewhere Bill Clinton Is Still Speaking Right Now. At the Democratic National Convention last night, former president Bill Clinton spoke for nearly 50 minutes, while he was nominating Barack Obama to be his party’s presidential candidate for 2012. [New York Times, Wall Street Journal] Clinton ad-libbed a lot of the speech, including when he said of Mitt Romney, “It takes some brass to attack a guy for doing what you did.” [NPR]

Mayor Nutter Will Speak at DNC Tonight. Yes, tonight. The same night President Obama is speaking. Goosebumps! The mayor has had other speaking engagements while in Charlotte.

Addressing the Pennsylvania delegation, Nutter fired up the partisans about the president: ‘Wanna know how tough he is? Ask Osama bin Laden how tough Barack Obama is.”


Flash Mobs Are Soooo 2011. Philadelphia didn’t get a violent, teen rampage repeat of last summer, and this Inquirer article puts that down to a cooperative effort among the police, rec centers, an early warning system and public schools. Or was it this?

Bruce Springsteen Didn’t Set Constitution Center Records. Officials say the NCC’s Springsteen exhibit, which just closed, did “fairly well.” P.S. The Boss never stopped by. [CBS 3]

Deaf Southwest Philly Man Held Captive Since April. Philadelphia police rescued 63-year-old William Richardson, who was kept locked up while someone stole his social security checks. Dwayne Young is being charged in the case. [Inquirer]

Pay to Park With Your Phone. The new-ish ticket machines that replaced meters and that everyone in this city simply adores may become obsolete. The PPA is looking into a mobile app system already being used in some private parking lots in Philadelphia. [CBS 3]

Atlantic City’s Al Fresco Gambling. A.C.’s Golden Nugget has set up three blackjack tables on an outdoor patio for those who like to breathe, so dealers can wear bikinis, so gamblers “can play blackjack, listen to live entertainment, look out at the beautiful Atlantic City skyline and look out over the water.” [Courier-Post]