10 Best Meredith Moments From The Office

When The Office ends this season, we'll have to say goodbye to Philly's favorite drunk redhead.

This week, the not-very-sad news broke that The Office will end after this season. While the show used to be one of the funniest on television, in recent seasons, it has become desperately mediocre, worsening considerably when Steve Carell left his role as Michael Scott in 2011. Philly has always felt a special kinship to The Office because it takes place in Scranton, our Pennsylvania neighbor to the  north, and because we can claim saucy and sauced redhead Meredith Palmer as our own. Meredith is played by the hilarious Kate Flannery, who grew up here. Her family owned the pub T.A. Flannery’s at 21st and Ludlow for decades before it switched hands in 2010. Here, a look back at some Meredith’s, um, finer moments.


In our only real glimpse of Meredith’s home, Deangelo Vickers says it “reminds him of Katrina.”

Meredith had a host of medical issues, but only one was inflicted by Michael Scott.

Lack of body awareness: a trademark of Meredith moment.

Happy birthday, Meredith.

And then there was that one time, Dwight trapped a bat in a garbage bag on top of Meredith’s head.

Meredith doesn’t understand the rules of casual day.

An important lesson on human anatomy.

Sometimes, Meredith likens herself to George Clooney.

Meredith is a fan of strippers, whether Angela likes it or not.

And then she shows a little skin.