Hump Day Headlines

Find out what everyone's talking about

Find out the top 10 trans-friendly colleges. Yep, University of Pennsylvania makes the list.

Mary Gonzales is a pansexual lawmaker. She recently said, “Gender identity isn’t the defining part of my attraction.”

New York City could get its first openly gay mayor. Christine Quinn is leading in the polls.

Lesbian mom sues former partner, says she abducted daughter.

Saudi Arabia really doesn’t like gay web surfing. The government doesn’t want to see dot gay anytime soon.

The Price is Right‘s first male spokesmodel, come on down! And no, it’s not Drew Cary.

The French aren’t so cool after all. Gay marriage is under fire.

As she gets ready to launch her tour in Philly, Barbra Streisand raises $22 million for women’s health.

Jodie Foster stands up for Kristen Stewart. Remember, they were in a Panic Room together.

Who knew Horshack was gay? Welcome Back Kotter actor Ron Palillo died unexpectedly, and he’s survived by his partner of 41 years.

A Hollywood star to John Travolta: Come out already!