What We Love: Half-Drag

A new photography series examines two sides of a drag performer

The lashes, the lipstick and the wigs. That’s usually what we think of when we picture our favorite queens (looking at you, Brittany Lynn!). But one photographer is taking a deeper look at the men behind the divas. Leland Bobbé‘s “Half-Drag” is an incredible photo series that captures some of New York’s drag performers – both in makeup and in their natural states.

On his website, Bobbé, a portrait, lifestyle and street photographer, says the idea for the series sprang from his ongoing work documenting the city’s burlesque performers. “My intention with Half-Drag is to capture both the male and the alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image,” says the photographer.

Check it out:

Chandelier Period by Leland Bobbé

Azraea by Leland Bobbé

Miss Fame by Leland Bobbé

Click here to view more images from the series.