This Is “Your Brain” on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Thanks to a renovation project in 2004, The Franklin Institute’s “The Giant Heart” includes a 5,000 square-foot exhibit with interactive devices and a massive EKG wave. Now, though, the Institute is pulling a Scarecrow and looking to get itself a brain. Construction of a new exhibit dedicated to the human brain began back in April. The 8,500-square-foot exposition called “Your Brain” should be ready by the summer of 2014. It’ll basically have a jungle gym of electrical and chemical brain signals, so we’re going to go ahead and have our birthday party there. If you’re invited, please be advised that we’re asking for the classic version of the board game Risk (NOT the computer game and NOT the version that takes place 200 years in the future). Captain Planet DVDs and G.I. Joes are also appropriate gifts. [Inquirer]