Most Gay-Friendly Neighborhoods

Find out where gays and lesbians are most likely to hang their hats

Rehoboth Beach is among top destinations in U.S. for both gay men and lesbians (photo by Think Stock)

Favorite LGBT destination Rehoboth Beach not only attracts vacationers every summer, but also its share of gay and lesbian neighbors. Trulia, the popular real estate sales site and app, has compiled the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in the country for both men and women.

Turns out the guys are still flocking to the Castro in San Francisco. The home base for many important moments in gay history (hello, Harvey Milk), it’s maintained its cred as a popular neighborhood for gay residents even after the swinging 70s put it on the map. Other areas that attract gay men:

Palm Springs, California
Provincetown, Massachusetts
Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
West Hollywood, California
San Francisco, California
Dallas, Texas
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Detroit, Michigan

The women’s most popular town? Provincetown – the super gay beach community on the tip of Cape Cod. If you’ve ever been to women’s week in October, you’ll see why. But it turns out lesbian couples really seem to love New England (three Massachusetts destinations top the list):

Northampton, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts
Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Guerneville, California
Wellfleet, Massachusetts
Oakland, California
Avondale Estates, Georgia
San Francisco, California

If you could relocate, where would you go in the U.S.?