President Obama (Kind of) Covers “Call Me Maybe”

Plus: The Phils lose again, a Temple football player is charged with rape, a guy plans to colonize Mars by 2023, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

President Obama Sings “Call Me Maybe.” Well, kind of. It’s actually just a bunch of autotuned clips thrown together, but it’s probably the closest we’re going to get to the real thing.

Phils Drop Third Straight. This time it was to the Dodgers. Jonathan Papelbon’s struggles in non-save situations continued last night. Also, he was less than thrilled with the home plate umpire. The final tally was 4-3. [Phillies]

Sandusky Trial Begins Today. Jury selection is set to begin in the trial of Jerry Sandusky. A pool of 600 jurors has been assembled as both sides set out to find 12 impartial citizens to weigh the facts of the case. It will likely prove to be a difficult process in Centre County, Pennsylvania. [Inquirer]

Temple Football Player Arrested for Rape. Praise Martin-Oguike—an 18-year-old Temple linebacker—has been charged with rape and other assault charges stemming from an alleged attack on May 26th. A 21-year-old woman says she tried to leave Martin-Oguike’s dorm room and that he grabbed her by the throat, dragged her into his room and assaulted her. She says he later texted her to ask if she was going to press charges. Martin-Oguike is out on bail. [6 ABC]

It’s Primary Day in Jersey. With the presidential primary meaningless at this point, focus will be on two potential Democratic candidates for Congress. On Friday, President Obama had a photo op with U.S. Rep. Steven Rothman. Rothman was the first state delegate to support Obama’s campaign in 2008. President Bill Clinton was at a get-out-the-vote rally with Rothman’s opponent, Democratic U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell. Pascrell supported Hillary Clinton’s bid in 2008. [Inquirer]

Council to Vote on AVI, Extra School Funds Separately. City Council President Darrell Clarke announced yesterday that Council would hold two separate votes on the issues of Mayor Nutter’s proposed property tax re-assessment and whether the city needs to raise more funding for the school district. The idea, though, is that if the re-assessment passes, the extra $94 million it’s expected to raise would be used as school district funding. [Daily News]

Man Vows Mars Colony by 2023. A Dutch researcher has vowed to colonize Mars by 2023. His plan is to fund the venture with a reality television show with the help of a co-creator of Big Brother. He says by 2023 there will be four people on Mars. Ten years later, he expects there to be 20 colonists. [NBC Philadelphia]