Romney Wrong on Adoption

The GOP frontrunner better get his facts straight

In an interview recently during his campaign tour, GOP candidate for president Mitt Romney asserted that “gay adoption is legal in all of the states but one.” But according to the HRC, Romney is having a little trouble with the facts.

In reality, same-sex couples are banned from adopting in states including Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and Utah. And for couples who are interested in second-parent adoptions, that’s illegal in 26 states in the country, while join adoption is illegal in 18 states and Washington D.C.

“Mitt Romney’s remarks last week regarding same-sex adoption are wrong and, worse, they trivialize the very real and persistent obstacles qualified LGBT individuals and couples face in adopting and starting families,” says HRC Vice President of Communications Fred Sainz. “Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of kids who desperately need their forever family. LGBT individuals and families are perfectly qualified to provide that loving home. Leading medical, mental health and child welfare organizations have said time and again that sexual orientation and gender identity have absolutely nothing to do with the ability to be a parent to a child in need of a loving home. Governor Romney should clarify his muddled position and embrace adoption by loving and committed gay and lesbian parents.”

Worse, even in states that allow LGBT people to adopt, many still face discrimination. In fact, in 29 states, there’s no protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation (in 34 states there’s no protection for gender identity), including Pennsylvania.