Black Madam Gets Bail Reduction In Butt Injection Case

Earlier today in a Philadelphia courtroom, a judge agreed to lower the bail for “Black Madam” Padge Winslowe from $10 million to $75,000 $750,000, according to the District Attorney’s office. Winslowe, a 42-year old transgendered musician, is alleged to have given young woman a botched butt injection that led to her death. If Winslowe makes bail, she’s expected to be on house arrest at her parents’ home in West Philadelphia, blocks from what was just revealed to be the safest neighborhood in Philadelphia. Earlier today, I spoke with a senior official in the Philadelphia Police Department, who was shocked that the original bail was set so high. “Who the hell set the bail at $10 million?” asked the source. “Even $75,000. We have real murderers who get less bail than that.” (Winslowe would have to post 10% to walk out of jail.)