10 Minutes with Matt Taylor

From actor to masseur, he’s got the right touch

Photo by Gabriel Bienczycki

How long have you lived in Philly?

Nine years now. I came here from New York to do a show at the Walnut Street Theatre and ended up staying.

Where’s the best place in the city to seek out a Zen moment?

The Kelly Drive loop—I cycle there regularly, and it’s the best part of my day. I feel like I’m a thousand miles away from everything in my life when I see the water, breathe in the fresh air and feel the endorphins pump as I’m riding. That is pure Zen to me.

How do you Amp Up your diet?

It’s tough for me to narrow down a type of food since I love to eat almost anything. But I eat corn almost every day.

What’s the biggest obstacle to living a more stress-free life?

Something that really stands out to me is how many of us really don’t understand our own bodies. Self-awareness is key to being and staying healthy. And many of us ignore symptoms until something is really wrong.

How can we change that?

Many of us fall off the wagon as far as the gym goes. The winter months tend to take a toll on our bodies, and we may be feeling a bit stiff and maybe a little sluggish. I definitely recommend a cleansing massage treatment or an acupuncture session. It does wonders for the body—and soul.

Matt Taylor is the owner of Taylored Touch Therapy,  1223 Walnut Street, 215-667-0040.

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