The Voice’s Out Contestant

Sarah Golden may have lost the competition last night, but she's won a lot of fans

Sarah Golden stood out on this season of NBC’s hit TV series The Voice as one of the only openly gay contestants. And while Golden missed her opportunity to move on to the finals last night – gravelly voiced throwback Juliet Simms won Cee-Lo’s praise and was chosen to advance – the out contestant has already managed to attract plenty of fans whose gaydar went off the charts when she stepped foot on stage for the first time to sing Lady Gaga’s “You and I.”

“I don’t want to pigeonhole myself, but that is kind of who I’ve been aiming toward kind of targeting,” the singer told She Wired recently. “Not just lesbians, but the whole GLBT community, and honestly, even folks who don’t even get a chance.”

In case you missed Golden and Simms singing Rod Stewart’s “Stay with Me” last night, check it out: