NoH8 on the Hill

Ten members of Congress pose for pro-gay photo shoot

Photo by Adam Bouska

Representatives Dennis Kucinich, William Keating, Judy Chu, Earl Blumenauer, Niki Tsongas, Barbara Lee, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Lynn Woolsey, Jared Polis and Jackie Spear all posed for the NoH8 campaign recently, standing in solidarity for equal rights for the LGBT community.

“Our nation was founded upon the principle of equality. It is imperative that we work for equal rights for all in order to make that principle a reality. Love isn’t gay or straight, tall or short, black or white, it is for everyone,” says Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio’s 10th District.

Each member of Congress who appeared in the photos also released a statement about why they chose to be a part of it.

“On the same week that Maryland and Washington stepped up for marriage equality, I stood with NOH8 in solidarity with those who are fighting Prop 8 in California,” explains Rep. Earl Blumenauer. “Gay and lesbian Americans are part of the fabric that makes this country strong. The notion that we could ask these men and women to do everything from paying taxes to serving our country in uniform while denying them the right to marry is offensive to everything I believe in as a public servant. I won’t stop working for equal rights in Congress until they have been extended to every American.”

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