Gay Choice Debate Heats Up

The Talk's Sara Gilbert weighs in

Cynthia Nixon caused a fire storm recently when she said that for her – being gay is a choice. Since then, many advocates have criticized the Sex and the City actress (she’s currently starring in Wit on Broadway), saying that calling it a choice is dangerous as so many young LGBT people are taking their lives.

We discussed the controversy yesterday in an essay about bisexuality – and why for some people – choosing to be with someone of the same-sex could be a choice. But certainly not for everyone. Just ask your straight friends whether they chose to be heterosexual.

The Talk‘s Sara Gilbert – who’s openly lesbian – shared her two cents, making some thought-provoking points that we, too, can get behind. But what we really want to know is when Vicki Lawrence (that’s Mama from Mama’s Family) kissed a girl and didn’t like it.

Check it out: