Trevor Teen Commits Suicide

A 19-year-old filmmaker is remembered

Eric James Borges went by “EricJames.” He was an intern with The Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to saving LGBT youth from suicide. But it was reported last night that the 19-year-old has become yet another victim of ongoing abuse and torment that have claimed the lives of so many LGBT teens in recent years. Just one month after filming his own “It Gets Better” video, he has taken his life.

Borges was candid about his struggles with being gay in the video – and the anguish it caused him at home (his conservative Christian mother performed an exorcism on him and kicked him out of his house) and at school, his peers called him “faggot.”

“I was stalked, spit on, ostracized and physically assualted,” he said. “I lost my family.”

If we can learn from Borges’ own struggles, we ask that anyone facing depression or homelessness because of who they are – please contact The Trevor Project or any LGBT-friendly organization for help. While Borges was certainly a brave young man to tell his story, had he lived, we have no doubt he would have gone on to do great things.

Last year, the aspiring California-based filmmaker made his first short movie called “Invisible Creatures.”

Watch it here: