Girl Scout Boycotts Cookies

A longtime scout is angry over the organization's decision to allow transgender members

We may only know her as Taylor, but this teen has launched a massive boycott of Girl Scout cookies. Why? She’s protesting the Girl Scouts of America’s controversial decision to admit a seven-year-old child who identifies as being a girl.

“Girl Scouts describes itself as an all-girl experience,” says the young woman in the video. “With that label, families trust that the girls will be in an environment that is not only nurturing and sensitive to girls’ needs, but also safe for girls.”

She’s asking that others join her in protesting the scouts – and their cookies – saying that transgender scouts should not be allowed in troops – including Bobby Montoya who, by all accounts, lives his life as a girl. After being denied admittance into the scouts, she was later accepted, drawing ire from anti-gay rights groups around the country.

But thankfully, the Girl Scouts has stood is ground. “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of America welcomes her as a Girl Scout,” says the organization in a statement through GLAAD.

As for Taylor, it saddens us to see this sort of anger coming from such a young person, especially someone who has supposedly learned virtues of good character from this longtime organization which, until now, has managed to steer clear of the controversy that has engulfed the Boy Scouts over LGBT issues.

Below, we share Taylor’s video, as well as a response from a transgender perspective.

Check it out:

The response: