District Attorney Seth Williams Urges Victims to Come Foward

Plus: Sexual predators are competing in an online game, police track down a mother and son from Atlantic County, a girl is missing an instrument worth more than some houses, and more of what the city is buzzing about today

Philly’s District Attorney Urges Victims to Come Forward. In the wake of allegations against Jerry Sandusky, Bernie Fine and now Bill Conlin, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams made a statement urging victims—and their parents—to report sexual abuse, or abuse of any kind, to the proper authorities. The suggestion comes after Conlin’s accusers waited 40 years to admit their abuse, making it so that they’ll never see justice and Conlin never has an opportunity to clear his name in court. [Inquirer]

Predators Playing “Jailbait” Game. Predators are looking for underage girls in chatrooms. Then, they’re trying to convince them to strip and perform other acts while recording them on a webcam. The predators get points for certain plateaus of achievement like getting a girl to wave or take off her top. Then, the videos are posted to a website where the predators compete for content, quantity, and physical attractiveness of the girls in their video. [FOX 29]

‘Jailbait’ Dangerous New Game Online: MyFoxPHILLY.com

Police Issue Amber Alert, Find Mother and Son. A mother allegedly took her son—of whom she does not have custody—while the boy’s father had stepped out for a cigarette at a Ruby Tuesday. The woman was allegedly caught on tape fleeing from a mall with the boy. Police found the two of them at the ferry port in Delaware. [NBC Philadelphia]

12 Million Motrin Bottles Recalled. McNeil Consumer Healthcare has been plagued by product recalls this year. Most recently, they’ve issued a recall on 12 million bottles of Motrin from wholesalers. If you purchased a bottle at a store you should be okay. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

18-Year-Old is Missing $172,000 Violin on a Megabus. This is why we can’t have nice things. A young woman is hoping the holiday spirit will find her $172,000 violin back in her possession shortly. The Taiwanese student won the instrument for being selected by a foundation to advance her skills in the art. She studies music in Boston, took a Megabus back to Philly, and was told her violin wasn’t in with the luggage when she got here. [CBS 3]

Newtown Doubles Property Taxes. Officials in Bucks County’s Newtown have decided to raise property taxes 50 percent. The change—the first of its kind in the last 16 years—will cost homeowners approximately an extra $120 per year. [Inquirer]