One of Us: Pierre Robert

In 1981, a long-haired, bearded DJ from San Francisco moved to Philadelphia and took a job at WMMR, the region’s premier rock station. Thirty years later, the hair’s still long (though the beard’s a little grayer), and he’s still going strong. Here, the man who swears he's not a hippie tells us about extraterrestrial life, his famous friends, and where he gets his (vegetable) lo mein.

My full name is … William Pierre Robert. Everyone thinks Pierre Robert is a made-up name.
I am a … global cosmic citizen of the universe.
I’ve lived in Philadelphia … for 30 years. Well, the last 20 were in Gladwyne.
I drive a … 2011 Audi A6 and a 1972 Volkswagen van named Minerva.
The last time I ate meat … was 35 years ago. Prime rib.
The music I like that people wouldn’t expect is … Frank Sinatra, whom I saw seven times.
The most famous person in my cell phone is … Jon Bon Jovi.
I am just so sick of … people honking. And those ridiculous lists of side effects on pharma ads.
After 30 years at WMMR … I really do love it more than ever.
The first time I met Mick Jagger … I realized that I had arrived.
For my next vacation, I will … almost certainly go skiing.
If I owned a boat, I would name it … Lucy, after my golden retriever. And I do have a boat. And that is its name.
I say all the time that … I should be there in 15 minutes. I am always late.
My favorite Philadelphian is … Sister Mary Scullion.
The best thing I own is … an old cabin in Lake Tahoe that my grandfather built in the 1930s.
If aliens landed in Rittenhouse Square today, I would … be the first to greet them and ask for their immediate help in fixing the mess we made of this planet, after getting them soft pretzels.
I wish that Philadelphia would … restore the old Boyd/Sameric theater on Chestnut Street.
I like to cook … takeout. On Fridays, it’s from Yangming in Bryn Mawr.
The best book I ever read was … The Lord of the Rings. I love escapist fantasy.
I really wish I could buy … a fully restored 1959 convertible Cadillac Coupe de Ville.
If I’m only going to have one cocktail, it’s going to be … a Bluecoat martini, up and dirty in a large glass, not one of those chintzy small ones.
My beard is … a great conversation piece.
One thing people mistakenly assume about me … is that I’m a hippie. I’m not a hippie. I don’t even know what a hippie is.
I wish that politicians would … talk to each other, be willing to compromise, and tell the truth.
My greatest extravagance is … collecting Art Deco memorabilia. You name it, I’ve got it.
My greatest fear is … There are just so many.
The best thing on TV is … still I Love Lucy.

Interview by Victor Fiorillo