More Details Discovered in Philly Dungeon Case

Plus: Philly schools are dangerous, Shane Victorino is upset with bloggers, another PPD officer is arrested, and more of what the city is talking about today

House of Horrors Case Gets More Complicated. As if the original details of the case weren’t deplorable enough, police have located a missing 15-year-old girl from Florida who was last seen with the son of one of the men arrested in the case. They’ve also found documents for approximately 50 other individuals who may have been victims. It is also being reported that the woman found in what police are calling “the dungeon” was reported missing, and her case was closed by a Philadelphia police officer even though she hadn’t been found. [FOX 29]

Pennsylvania Department of Education Lists 10 Dangerous City Schools. Each year the state’s Department of Education releases a list of schools that are “persistently dangerous.” Philly had 4,000 violent incidents across the district last year and has 10 schools that made this year’s list. [6 ABC]

Shane Victorino Is Less Than Thrilled With City Bloggers. Victorino is a little upset over speculation that he and some of his teammates didn’t care enough about the Phillies’ early exit from this year’s post-season. So—it being 2011 and all—he took to Twitter to express his discontent. [Crossing Broad]

Philadelphia Police Officer Charged With Theft. Kevin Workman—a 47-year-old with 21 years on the force, has been suspended with intent to dismiss after being charged with receiving stolen property and theft. [CBS 3]

Waterford Township Closes Schools Due to Mold. The record rains continue to impact life in the area as Waterford Township was forced to close its schools through at least Wednesday for mold mediation likely necessary because of the season’s heavy rainfall. []

Thieves Swiping X-Ray Film. A series of thefts last month have been reported after a group of men is said to have sneaked their way into area hospitals and stolen X-ray film. The film can be cleaned and washed with chemicals to recover the silver in it. [CBS 3]