Ann Coulter on A List: Dallas?

The conservative pundit can't seem to get enough of gay men - or media attention

If you thought A List: New York was a doozy of a drama-filled reality show, then get ready for A List: Dallas in which conservative darling Ann Counter will be making an appearance on the show about five gay men and one straight woman, according to the Logo TV network. We guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

Even though Coulter repeatedly rips on the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” calls homosexuality a choice, and pretty much vilifies everyone from the Log Cabin Republicans to other gay activist organizations, she will be appearing on at least one of the episodes of the gay-themed show that debuts tonight.

And this is definitely not her first brush with the gays. This summer, conservative gay group GOProud named her as the honorary chair of the organization’s advisory council. It’s expected that Counter will appear on the show with Taylor Garret, one of the Dallas show’s new cast members, and Jimmy DeSalvia of GOProud during a lunch the reality show filmed at in Los Angeles recently.

The new show will reportedly follow the same format as the first two seasons of A List: New York – with hopefully no shortage of camp and controversy.

Check out the trailer:

Will you be tuning in tonight?