A Field Guide to Philly Facial Hair

Walk anywhere in the city and you’ll see them: men who have chucked their Bics and taken the five o’clock shadow to new lengths. Here, a primer on our bewhiskered set—where you’ll find them, who’s sporting what stubble, and how long it’ll take you to grow your own


Indigenous to: Fishtown; NoLibs.
Seen on: Hipsters at the El Bar; bike messengers; steampunks.
Growing Time: Six to eight weeks.
Maintenance: High.
Notable Wearers: Franklin Fountain owner Eric Berley; Henri David; mixologist Christian Gaal.

Fu Manchu

Indigenous to: The Italian Market.
Seen on: Sleazy old men; tourists outside of Geno’s.
Growing Time: Six weeks.
Maintenance: High.
Notable Wearers: Confucius; that guy in the Village People.


Indigenous to: The Northeast.
Seen on: Frontmen of Jersey Shore cover bands; white guys who think they can rap.
Growing Time: One week.
Maintenance: Low.
Notable Wearers: 50 Cent; the Notre Dame leprechaun.


Indigenous to: Main Line teacher break rooms.
Seen on: “Cool” dads; dudes at Bleu Martini.
Growing Time: Five days to one week.
Maintenance: Medium.
Notable Wearer: Shane Victorino.

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