A Field Guide to Philly Facial Hair

Walk anywhere in the city and you’ll see them: men who have chucked their Bics and taken the five o’clock shadow to new lengths. Here, a primer on our bewhiskered set—where you’ll find them, who’s sporting what stubble, and how long it’ll take you to grow your own

Short Boxed

Indigenous to: Center City; the ‘burbs; everywhere else.
Seen on: The Everyman.
Growing Time: Five weeks.
Maintenance: Medium.
Notable Wearer: Jesus Christ.

Van Dyke

Indigenous to: South Philly.
Seen on: Myspace users; Troc sound techs.
Growing Time: Three to five weeks.
Maintenance: Medium.
Notable Wearer: Michael Nutter.

Soul Patch

Indigenous to: The Gayborhood; Cherry Hill Mall.
Seen on: Graduates of the chinstrap.
Growing Time: Five days to one week.
Maintenance: Medium.
Notable Wearers: Chase Utley; Billy Ray Cyrus.

Old Dutch

Indigenous to: West Philly; Lancaster.
Seen on: Hyper-literate guys at Fiume; men peddling shoofly pies at RTM.
Growing Time: Five weeks.
Maintenance: Low to none. Just let it grow wild.
Notable Wearers: Pierre Robert; Charles Darwin.


[Illustrations by Gabe Usadel]