Top 5 of the Week

What you should've been reading

1. “Q&A: Staphmeal, Georges Perrier’s Archnemesis” by Victor Fiorillo
A chat with the anonymous blogger. Read more.

2. “Kim Delaney’s Bizarre Behavior at Constitution Center” by Victor Fiorillo
The lowlight of the Liberty Medal ceremony. Read more.

3. “Rick Perry Likes the Death Penalty” by Michael Coard
The Republican presidential candidate has a record of killing kids, innocents, blacks (for being black), and the mentally ill. Read more.

4.”Ovarian Cancer Awareness Teal-Gate” by HughE Dillon
Lauren Hart, Jenn Frederick and more come out to support the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. Read more.

5. “Carl Greene Sues the Inquirer and Daily News” by Victor Fiorillo
Remember him? The ex-PHA chief comes out of nowhere and goes after papers for defamation. Read more.