Google’s Secret Hideout in Philly

Google has a Center City office it doesn't want you to know about

While the Scoop doubts that Google is operating out of a roving van like the original meth lab in Breaking Bad or that it has taken the time to setup a secret entrance to its lair through a shipping container at the Navy yard like Batman, he has noticed that Google has been covering its tracks pretty well since setting up a small office in Center City after buying Invite Media. Technically Philly has looked and called around for confirmation of Google’s digs on the 12th floor of a high-rise at 15th and Market, but mums the word from everyone involved. They may be moving around on the sly, but you have to hand it to Google for being quick learners—they’ve been here all of one year and already have the “stop snitchin” culture down pat. [Technically Philly]