A local organization plans to protest SEPTA over the gender sticker policy

Courtesy of RAGE

When you want to buy a transit pass in this town, you have to decide whether you are M or F. And that has the good people of Philly’s own RAGE (Riders Against Gender Exclusion) pretty upset. So they’re taking their complaints to the SEPTA office at 1234 Market Street this week (Sept. 8th) at 11:30 a.m. with a planned protest to help in “keeping transit officials out of your pants.”

It’s all part of the “Operation Ride with Respect” campaign that asks locals to sign a petition that would end the use of very generalized male and female gender markers on transit passes – an identification system that has caused a lot of unnecessary problems for transgender, transsexual and queer riders who say they are being discriminated against for not conforming to traditional gender roles. And we couldn’t agree more.

RAGE has been intelligently articulating the basic problems with gender IDs on transit passes for years now. And at the event this week, members of the group and allies will be asking SEPTA’s General Manager Joe Casey to “get on the bus” and take note of the many Philadelphians who have signed the petition to do away with the antiquated ID. RAGE is also asking that SEPTA make efforts in educating its drivers about trans issues that can avoid embarrassment and danger for folks who have transitioned and are transitioning.

Bonus: A giant SEPTA “Ride with Respect” bus puppet has been created by Spiral Q for the event.

Tell us what you think: Are you in favor of or against gender IDs on transit passes?