Same-Sex Insurance Savings

Only a few companies recognize married gay and lesbian couples with deep discounts

There are a lot of perks to being married. In fact, married couples usually save as much as 10 percent on things like car insurance. But it’s not always easy for same-sex couples to find providers who recognize their nuptials.

Esurance recently began allowing gay and lesbian policyholders to claim they’re married, partnered or civilly joined with a discount rate for those who qualify. The company joins others like State Farm, Allstate and Geico (that lizard always set off our gaydar) that already recognize same-sex couples with discounts in states that allow gay marriage. Esurance, in a recent interview with CBS News, admits it’s also considering the same option in other states where gay marriage isn’t yet on the books.

There’s good reason for it. Statistics suggest that like any married couples, married same-sex couples are also less likely to get into accidents.

“Not all of the benefits and protections of marriage come from government,” explains Alphonso David, a Lamda Legal staff attorney. “Many of the practical changes married same-sex couples will see come from private businesses. In some instances, like car insurance, the difference may add up to hundreds of dollars a year for gay couples.”

If you think equal rights don’t matter, tell that to your wallet.