Phillies Hold on for Doc’s 15th, Beat the Dodgers

Plus: Victorino's suspension and appeal, what Jersey's former governor McGreevy is up to, PhillyCarShare is sold and more of what the city is talking about today

Phils Win a Tight One in L.A. For Halladay’s 15th Win. The Phils beat the Dodgers 5-3 in Dodger Stadium last night. Doc was yanked in the seventh inning and saw some shaky relief efforts, but the Phils managed to pull out the win. Doc is the first NL pitcher to 15 wins. [The 700 Level]

Victorino Will Appeal Three-Game Suspension. After the little scrum between the Phils and the Giants on Friday night, Shane Victorino faces a three-game suspension. All of the other major parties involved were only fined. Victorino will appeal the ruling and can play until his case is heard. [Crossing Broad]

Former Jersey Governor McGreevy Counsels Female Inmates. The former governor—who infamously resigned after coming out and admitting to an affair with a male staffer—is currently counseling 40 female inmates at Hudson County Correctional Center in New Jersey. McGreevy enrolled in an Episcopal seminary in ’07 and hopes to be ordained as a priest. [FOX 29]

Enterprise to Buy PhillyCarShare. Enterprise Holdings has agreed to purchase PhillyCarShare in the wake of $2.7 million the non-profit start-up owes in back taxes and other penalties. [Inquirer]

Pennsylvania Laws Encourage the “Run” in “Hit-and-Run.” As it stands, Pennsylvania law encourages drunk drivers to flee the scene after a hit-and-run. If the drunk driver can avoid capture until sobering up, they’ll be handed down a lighter sentence. [Daily News]

Polanco Has a Sports Hernia. Polanco underwent an MRI to evaluate what’s causing soreness in his hip. Turns out he has a mild sports hernia that may require surgery. He’ll get a shot and be checked again Friday before the Phils consider placing him on the disabled list. Michael Martinez has been holding his own on the hot corner, but we should all probably cross our fingers for Polly. [CBS 3]

Police Car of the Future on Display in Center City. A public safety show at the Convention Center features a new police cruiser Motorolla suped up with tons of technology. Voice-activated commands, broadband Internet access and remote kill-switch technology are all highlights in the improved vehicle. The Scoop wants to know if the model they’ve used is a Delorean. [CBS 3]