Worst of Philly Preview

Because you don't find the best without finding some real duds, too

In the 38 years that we’ve been doing Best of Philly, one thing has become glaringly obvious: You absolutely cannot find the best of the best without encountering at least a few things that totally suck. And this year? We decided to just go ahead and rip into the biggest losers with the same zeal with which we gush over our winners. Why, you ask? Could be because, after 38 years, we have started to get a little jaded. Maybe it was just one too many bad cheesesteaks/numbskull politicians/overhyped restaurants. Maybe it’s just that it’s been so damn hot out, and we’re cranky. Either way, you can see a preview of our Worst of Philly winners (losers?) online now. Hungry for more negativity? The list in its entirety—along with all of Best Of Philly—is available on the newsstands.  Go buy your issue now.