Vick Discusses Anti-Dogfighting Bill on NPR

Robert Seigel interviewed Vick on "All Things Considered" yesterday

Many people aren’t thrilled with the tone of an interview Robert Seigel conducted on his “All Things Considered” program on NPR yesterday. Seigel had Eagles quarterback Michael Vick and Wayne Pocelle—president of the Humane Society—on the program to discuss the bill, which would make it a criminal offense to attend a cockfight or dogfight and also make it illegal to bring a minor to such an event. Some people are upset over the way Seigel and Vick discuss Vick’s childhood and his first experiences with dogfighting. People wrote into NPR complaining of the segment’s “soft” treatment of Vick eliciting a response from Seigel who said, “I’ve done many interviews in which my choice of questions to ask, or the editor’s choice of questions to include, has caused me a sleepless night. This one, dog lover that I am, did not.” The Scoop, dog lover that he is, was hoping that when he saw Vick’s name in the headlines it would be because the Eagles were reporting to Lehigh. [NPR]