Q&A: Hezekiah Jones

Delco songwriter Raphael Cutrufello, a.k.a. Hezekiah Jones, on Metallica, re-scoring "Eraserhead" and why he doesn’t live in Fishtown

Photography by Lisa Schaffer

Why you perform under an assumed name: My given one is too much of a mouthful.

Aptness of the “new folk” genre to which you’ve been assigned: New folk. Weird Americana. New American folk. They’re all just fine.

Your middle-school soundtrack: Metal. Biohazard and Metallica.

How you transitioned to folk: I heard Will Oldham play guitar not very well on Days in the Wake and thought, “I can do this.”

Whether folk gets a bad rap: It gets pigeonholed a lot. Three chords. A guy with a guitar.

Why you don’t deserve said rap: Horns. Lap steel. Xylophone. Glockenspiel. And more than three chords.

Age when you wrote your first song: Twelve. An instrumental. I had dreams of being Philip Glass and doing soundtracks.

Whether there’s still a demand for folk, new or otherwise: There’s actually a real renaissance happening in Philadelphia right now. Plus, in Spain and Italy we’re doing well.

How you’ll follow up March’s sophomore album, Have You Seen Our New Fort?: With a soundtrack to Bride of Frankenstein and, possibly, Eraserhead.

Why you don’t live in Fishtown with all the other bearded musicians: I like the quiet and all the room I have in the ’burbs.

Recording-session beer of choice: Ha, we only drink whiskey.

See Hezekiah Jones at the XPoNential Music Festival on July 23rd in Camden’s Wiggins Park.