Dear G Philly: Answering Reader Questions

You ask. We tell.

I’m hosting a barbeque for a few friends for Pride. I posted the event to Facebook and now two of my good friends tell me they’re not happy with the guest list, namely a couple I know who will be at the party. It’s the first time I’m hosting an event at my new place and really want it to go well. How can I keep everyone happy? I would really like a drama-free housewarming.

You can’t make everyone happy. But it’s your party and your guest list, so if a few of your friends don’t like other guests who will be there, it’s their choice whether or not to attend. Even though they may be “good friends,” it sounds like they are being unnecessarily critical (before the party’s even started!). And as we all know from Facebook, not everyone who says they will attend actually ever gets around to attending – especially on a weekend like Pride. Just keep in mind that whenever anyone throws a party, it’s impossible to know who will get along and who will repel. Look on the bright side – you may end up introducing some new friends, even if it seems like the drama’s overshadowing the fun. Good luck and happy Pride!

I met someone last weekend at one of the clubs. We seemed to hit it off – he’s very cute and funny. But when I mentioned it to my best friend, he told me that the guy is in a long-distance relationship with someone. He never mentioned this to me when we made plans to get together again. Should I bring it up? My friend could be wrong. But at the same time I don’t want to get involved with someone who’s not available. I’ve done that. And I’m ready to meet someone serious.

There could be a lot more to the story than even your friend knows. The only way you’ll find out the truth is by asking. It could be that your first meeting wasn’t the place to discuss anything serious, especially a “complicated” relationship. And maybe the relationship – if there is or was one – fizzled out (it can happen when distance is involved). Or maybe the man you met is in an open relationship and he and his partner agreed to seeing others when they’re far away from each other (also not unusual). Whatever the reality, it’ll be up to you to find out the truth. Or you could always use Facebook to do a little detective work before your next meeting?