Ready for Pride?

Here's what's worth celebrating in June

Philly’s Gay Pride is just around the corner. It’s when throngs of LGBTs from throughout the region set their sights on the city (June 12) for the annual Gay Pride parade that winds its way around the Gayborhood and across town to Penn’s Landing for an afternoon of gay old fun.

This year, there are plenty of reasons to check out the festivities.

1. Fanny Price and the gang at Philly Pride Presents isn’t saying who this year’s headliner is, but he have a hunch it’s Aisha Taylor who’s been seen on a slew of TV shows, from Talk SoupThe Ghost Whisperer and Friends to Nip/Tuck. Last year’s leading lady was Jennifer Coolidge, who also took a turn on Nip/Tuck, though she’s likely more famous for playing the ultimate MILF as Stiffler’s mom in the American Pie movies (or a lesbian dog owner in Best of Show). Coincidence? Perhaps the folks at Philly Pride are trying to tell us we need – gasp – Botox.

2. This year’s theme is “Pride Around the World.” We hope that means LGBT tourists from all points on the globe descend on Philly in time for the June event because – let’s face it – we already think we know everyone in the Gayborhood anyway (gee, thanks, Grindr).

3. We don’t get to Penn’s Landing nearly enough. And it’s one of the city’s best waterfront vistas – next to Kelly Drive where some of Philly’s finest-looking folks regularly cruise, er, jog, come summer.

4. Will Sisters have its Dunk-a-Dyke booth again this year? We hope so. Because while we enjoy watching lesbians go down (in the water, that is) we also love helping Denise (Sisters manager) raise funds for the fight against cancer.

5. The Philadelphia Fins, the city’s LGBT swim club, always make for great eye candy during the parade – speedos and all.

6. Pride is the first time we see all the hottest summer fashions (other than outside of Knock or at the front tables at Uncles) before all the gays head to Rehoboth.

7. Bruce Yelk is hosting his Triumphant Pride again this year after the main festivities at Triumph in Old City. That means two things: air conditioning and cold beer. There will also be live entertainment from Jade “Catch Me I’m Falling” Starling (Philly sure loves its ladies of the 80s) and Oh My Josh, who’s been compared to Gaga.

Have a favorite Pride tradition? Share it with us.