Stop Bullying!

The American Bar Association launches a new anti-bullying campaign this week

First there was “It Gets Better,” a gay-positive campaign created by columnist Dan Savage last year that inspired thousands of testimonials directed to gay youth with a simple, life-affirming message about all that’s healthy and good about LGBT life.

Now, the American Bar Association launches its own national awareness campaign this week, “The Kids Are Listening,” that’s designed for lawyers, judges, educators and community members to support LGBT youth and put an end to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s the first campaign of its kind to provide legal support, especially for kids involved in the foster care system.

The social media campaign kicked off this week with an interactive website that not only lets gay kids know that they have support with hopes of putting an end to bullying and homophobia, but it offers young people resources and reassurance from adults within the legal world and otherwise.

Check it out: