Philadelphia on “High Alert” According to Charles Ramsey

But don't worry, the PPD's got you covered. Plus how Raul Ibanez got out of his slump, why you should avoid Market Street tomorrow, where you should go for today's sugar fix, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

No, the Terrorists Have Not Won. Charles Ramsey says the city is on high alert following the death of Osama bin Laden. He’s increased patrols around religious buildings, and added security at tourist attractions. [NYTimes] This morning, the PPD will be staging an emergency preparedness drill that will last about 90 minutes and be really, really loud. []

Phillies Win! Ibanez is out of his slump (hopefully)! Hamels pitched the whole damn game! [Inquirer] Oh yeah, and Jayson Werth was there, too. [Inquirer]

PPA Holds Cars for Ransom. Or so says Robert Tuerk, a candidate for traffic court judge. Where’s Mel Gibson when you need him? []

Karen Brown Name Drops “Bobos.” “If you can’t afford expensive sneakers, buy ‘Bobos.’ I don’t believe in credit cards,” she said in a recent interview. Real classy, K. [Metro]

Budget Surplus Won’t Help School Districts. Governor Corbett, instead, wants to use the state’s excess money to pay down debt.Teachers and parents are, um, kinda pissed.[AP via] Meanwhile, parents, teachers and students gathered at Meredith Elementary in Queen Village yesterday to discuss the school district’s budget crisis. Not surprisingly, there was mention of superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s bloated salary. [6ABC] For play-by-play of the meeting and other Philly education news, follow Inky education Kristen Graham on Twitter.

Unless You Are One of the Six People Who Likes Arena Football, You Might Want to Avoid Market Street Tomorrow. The Philadelphia Soul are shutting it down between 16th and 17th for a very public practice. [CBS3]

New Book About Barbaro. Remember the locally-owned horse who won the Kentucky Derby five years ago and then got injured and was euthanized? Yeah, the Scoop forgot too. But now that he recalls it, he can say with 100 percent certainty that he could not possibly care less. [Inquirer]

Fat Kids, Rejoice! Krispy Kreme opened in Center City this morning. Foobooz]