Lelia’s in the Final Four!

A local lass shows class in Rolling Stone's cover contest

Songstress Lelia Broussard may have been born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but we claim her as our own on the basis of the hard years she spent here, paying her dues at local venues and struggling for musical stardom. She’s since moved to L.A. and was one of 16 musical acts chosen earlier this year by Rolling Stone magazine to compete in a contest to be on its cover. Yesterday, we got news she made it into the semifinal round! This makes us very happy, because we think her music is awesome. Hear some here, and see some photos, ’cause she’s cute, and vote for her, while you’re at it—and if you know how to do that “embed” thing, tell all your friends to vote for her, too. She’s the only woman who made it into the Final Four, so rock some girl power!