Ladies, Social Conservatives Don’t Want You to Have Any More Sex

Unless, of course, you're doing it expressly to get pregnant

A well-played op-ed column ran in Wednesday’s New York Times in which Gail Collins smartly picked apart the anti-Planned Parenthood front’s “logic” (or, more accurately, lack thereof), poking holes in it with those little things we like to call facts.

Most interestingly, Collins pointed out that the anti-abortionists generally also tend to be anti-contraception. She quoted this gem from anti-contraception author Janet Smith:

“Contraception helps reduce one’s sexual partner to just a sexual object since it renders sexual intercourse to be without any real commitments.”

Loud and clear: If you’re married and don’t have any kids or in a longterm committed relationship, you’re just a big old sex object to your partner, since you’re not having babies.

Really, it’s a wonder these folks get anything done, what with all the kids they must have running around at home, if having sex without promise of a child is such a terrible thing.

The quotes speak for themselves. Anti-Planned Parenthood folks simply don’t need logical people to poke holes in their arguments—they do it just fine themselves.

And hopefully this means an eventual end to the attack on Planned Parenthood. The women in America—us, the ones that these social conservatives don’t care about, need this. (Not to mention what it means to our state.)