Getting to Know Dan Savage

This gay advice columnist is giving good sex advice to, well, everyone

Sex columnist Dan Savage – you know, the guy responsible for kick-starting the “It Gets Better” campaign last year to help LGBT youth at risk of suicide – sat down with ABC’s Nightline to get personal. He shares what it’s like giving gay kids hope (and college girls orgasms), being a gay dad and helping a whole lot of straight people have better sex.

He may write his weekly column from his Seattle-based office on the desk once belonging to Ann Landers, but he’s definitely not your mother’s advice columnist.

As straight-shooting Savage celebrates the release of his new book based on the “It Gets Better” videos, see why he’s still proud of redefining “Santorum” and why he would actually like to have dinner with the former Pennsylvania Senator he may have scarred for life, at least on Google: