Suck It, Phoenix

Plus flooding, Ramsey to Chi-town (?), another arrested cop, PHA incestuousness, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

Paging Noah. The National Weather Service predicts that, following the onslaught of rain over the past couple days, we could see some serious river-flooding. Of course, this pales in comparison to the mega-earthquake that rocked Japan overnight or the tsunami barreling toward Hawaii right now, but nonetheless, the Schuylkill is expected to crest a foot above flood stage in Philly early this afternoon. [Inquirer]

Suck It, Phoenix. You remember how everyone thought Phoenix’s population overtook our’s sometime in the mid-2000s? Guess what: didn’t happen. Or maybe it did, and we rebounded. Either way: We’re number 5! We’re number 5! [Daily News]

Is Ramsey Headed to Chicago? He is a Chi-town native, after all, and there’s an opening, so the rumor mill is naturally a-flutter. Ramsey’s not commenting. [Inquirer]

Philly Cop Arrested for Insurance Fraud. Random thought: How many cops have been popped for various and sundry corruption these last few years? A lot, right? Like a good dozen or so? Maybe that’s why Ramsey wants out. [Daily News]

The Feds Blast PHA’s Legal Spending. Between 2007 and 2010, the PHA board paid “outrageous fees to law firms that were unnecessary,” according to HUD’s inspector general. Some of that money went to the law firm that employs former PHA chair John Street’s son. Shocking, truly. [Inquirer]

Two Area Abortion Clinics Close. Following scathing reports from state inspectors, the owner of two clinics—one in Germantown, one in Bensalem—decided to shut them down. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

A Reality Check for Corbett’s Budget. Yeah, he technically didn’t raise taxes, but here’s why your property taxes may be going up, anyway. [Patriot News]