The L Life

A new book explores famous lesbians making a difference

Erin McHugh wanted to explore what it means to be lesbian. In her new book The L Life: Extraordinary Lesbians Making a Difference (Abrams), the author chronicles the lives of many famous women who like women.

The candid collection – with photography by Jennifer May – features many famous faces, like cartoonist Alison Bechdel, actress Jane Lynch and comedian Kate Clinton, among others. Through interviews and portraits of lesbian life behind the scenes, the book offers a unique glimpse into the lives of many diverse lesbians of all ages.

McHugh and May worked for more than a year on this 160-page project. McHugh told After Ellen, “I think I just tried to focus on ‘look these women are lesbians, but let’s focus on who they are in this world.’ Not, ‘well here are the greatest lesbians we know of in captivity.”

She also explained, “I don’t think any of these women get enough attention. What I was trying to say was these particular women are heroic in their lives to come out as lesbians.”

There are several omissions, like Ellen DeGeneres, who the author admits rarely grants interviews.

“I felt like if you’re famous and a lesbian,” McHugh said, “but you haven’t stood up about it, then I don’t really care.”

McHugh and several of the featured women discuss the book in a new video. Watch it here: