Better Cops Needed

(Not the corruption-prone flunkies we have too many of now.) Plus: Penn and Newt, City Council and ethics, casinos and licenses, booze and the LCB, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning

The Police Department Needs Better Cops. So says the It’s Our Money crew in an editorial today: “Bad cops are a signal, not that all cops are bad, but that the department needs help in fixing itself, as well as the very real issue of public trust in the police.” [Daily News]

Should the Foxwoods License Be Moved Out of Philly? The state House Gaming Oversight Committee will hold a hearing at City Hall today on auctioning off the license for the never-gonna-happen waterfront casino, which might move it out of the area altogether. [Fox 29]

Should the LCB Become Extinct? Another contentious House meeting in Philly today, this time over Governor Corbett’s proposed privatization of the state’s liquor stores. [NBC Philadelphia]

The School District Scraps a Controversial $1.1 M Contract. This came a month after the Inky reported that Arlene Ackerman and co. had overruled staff recommendations for cheaper contracts. [Inquirer]

Why Newt Gingrich Will Never Be President. He just got owned by a Penn student, who called bullshit on his blatant hypocrisy in touting “family values” now that he’s running for higher office, even though he cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second, then cheated on his second with the woman who became number three. Among his many, many other sins, of course. [Daily News]

Should City Council Employees Be Allowed To Run Political Campaigns? Dave Davies recounts the (polite squabble) at yesterday’s ethics board meeting between Committee of Seventy, a city union rep and a member of Bill Green’s staff over an exemption in city ethics rules that allow Council employees to campaign, though under newly proposed rules, would not let them raise money. [Newsworks]