Donald Duck Is a “Handsy Jerk”

Fox 29's legal expert uses precise, technical language to assess an Upper Darby woman's lawsuit against Disney World

In August, the Scoop brought you the news of an Upper Darby woman’s lawsuit against Disney World. April Magolon claims an actor dressed in a Donald Duck costume groped her breast and then made joking gestures. She’s suing Disney World for post-traumatic stress.

While some of you may scoff at the notion that being sexually harassed by a cartoon could cause mental anguish, Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick wants you to know that he’s never been groped by a duck (so he can’t really have an opinion). Meanwhile, legal expert Amy Feldman mentions that even if the “handsy jerk” did it, Disney will probably settle. Check out the video below for more of Feldman’s careful, legal language.

Donald Duck May Use The Tigger Defense: